American Girls for My Girls
for Christmas

Yes, I had to make a page just for this.
American Girl dolls are, by far, the best available.
I see copycats everywhere and it gets on my nerves! Especially when they say to "Compare to American Girl" Ugh!! There is no comparison!!
Believe me, and I'm poor, American Girl dolls are soooo worth their prices. My goodness. The quality, the variety, are.. Amazing.
And I plan to spoil My Girls [and admittedly myself] with American Girls.

Lotte was given a Bitty Baby for her third Christmas whom we named Gretchen. Well, we're coming up on our sixth Christmas with her and we've decided she needs to grow up, as Lotte has, so we are wanting a grown American Girl doll.
This light skinned, layered black-brown haired, brown eyed My American Girl doll with full access to online play at and pierced ears, to be exact.
And the current Gretchen, the Bitty Baby, will be sent to the American Girl Doll Hospital for a "Wellness Visit," skin cleaning, and/or replacement of head/body, if needed. Then given to Wynnie and renamed. And that's only the beginning.

To start: The Dolls
"Grown-up" Gretchen for Lotte
[Good-as-]New Bitty Baby for Wynnie
and some friends..
I would, very much, like to get Ruthie for my neicey neice.
and Girl of the Year 2011, Kanani with her World Collection for My Hawaiian Girls.

A subscription to the American Girl Magazine

Then we have Clothing, Furniture, and Accessories for each doll, in that order:
Followed by the Bookstore for Lotte.

Clothing for Gretchen
My American Girl
Special Days Untitled