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Not Just a House..

.. but a Home.

Hello! My name is Suzie and I'm a 27 year-old at-home mommy of five.
Yes, five, all with the same Daddy.
Anyway, it is our Dream to live in a house. Not just any house, though.. my family's old house.
My grandfather moved his family into this house when my mom was just 5 years old.
My mom later moved our family into the house when I was about 5 years old, just after she and my father divorced and her mother passed away of cancer.
My grandpa and I were really close, could even say he was my best friend. He and the boyfriend had a sort of "love/hate" relationship; they both loved me but hated each other (not really). But while I had found my love, he had been missing his. My grandpa passed away in November of 2003, of a broken heart. The very next morning, his mother-in-law had passed as well. My grandma was reunited with her husband and mother.
It was then that I had chosen to cease my last year of school. The next couple of weeks I was bedriddenly ill, just prior to finding out that I was pregnant. My decision to "drop out" was pronounced. I gave birth to my first child merely ten days before my 18th birthday and would-be graduation. My boyfriend (the daddy) had graduated and I'd gotten my GED the following fall.
We (the boyfriend, our baby, and I) lived in the house with my family up until we got our own apartment a month or so before our daughter's first birthday.
Had I known the house would be foreclosed on shortly after, I would've stayed to help save it.
That's where I need help.
Yes, it is almost ten years later but not one day has gone by that I haven't dreamed of being back there, quite literally so, and had nightmares of being away.
I was born with Hypothyroidism and even as common as it may be, I believe my case to be rather unique. A few of the symptoms include: headaches, lack of concentration, memory loss, and depression.
I get headaches almost daily and bouts of depression for as long as I can remember, as much as I can remember. You'd think I'd be used to taking my medication since I've had to since day 5 but no, I never remember to take it and when I do, I get distracted and forget again. Doesn't exactly help. With that, I do remember going for an annual checkup and the doctor had said she was surprised I wasn't already dead or in a coma.
I have to apologize if all of this doesn't make much sense as I am a very emotional and sentimental type of person and as you can probably imagine, this topic hits the nail on the head quite efficiently.
I grew up in that house, it is very much a huge part of me, of who I am.
The father of (all five of) my kids and I are not married, yet. We do want to be and we've been offered a wedding or two but we want to have our wedding, our way, to pay for it ourselves.
We are both very family oriented as we are both #5 for our mothers so we come from very large families. We would like to include our families in the celebration of our marriage but we'd like to have a home of our own first.
Yes, we're both aware that we should be married what with having five kids, or any for that matter, but things have just played out differently for us.
I'd like to say we have money saved up for this house but in all honesty, we don't. But not for the lack of trying. We've both had several of our own jobs and entrepreneurial ventures and continue to do so (see our "saving for a house" tip/donation can in the photo above) but with having as many kids as we do, in such an economy, it is difficult to get by.
Although, if we have this house, to have as our Home for our family, it would enable me to be so much more comfortable and in turn, do.. so much more, for my home-based endeavors to be actually productive. I have every confidence in having this house, all of our efforts would pay off. To have a base for our enterprise of sorts, we'd have more than enough motivation and way to actually Live.
The house itself was built in 1925 so it is an oldie and not in the best condition but that's not so much of a concern. I mean, it is, 'cause of course I'd want my house to be a safe haven for my family but that is one of the reasons why I want it. To repair it, improve it, to make it our own. I'm a very hands-on type of person and I believe in the saying, "If you want something done right, do it yourself."
With that being said, any extra money donated would be used for the reviving of the house.
As for every dollar acquired, I will earn and pay it forward towards [an]other cause[s].
Or, if you'd prefer, I'd be more than delighted to recompense, just send me your information here.
I have every intention of fulfilling my dreams as summarized here, but I need help. I'm not sure if I've said all that's needed, as I'd said before, this topic is quite a sentimental and therefore very emotional one for me, indeed, on top of my lack of memory and ability to concentrate so I may have left something[s] out.

Please and Thank you,

Suzie and Family

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