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House Party
MONOPOLY: Unleashed

My first House Party was quite awesome; I got the chance to host one for Hasbro's MONOPOLY to help introduce the new Cat Token in a "Cat vs Dog" type shindig.

Here's a look at what came in the Party Pack:

1 MONOPOLY Game including the new Cat Token!
1 MONOPOLY Millionaire DEAL Card Game
1 MONOPOLY branded pet bowl
2 MONOPOLY key chains
15 Coupons to save $3 on Classic MONOPOLY or MONOPOLY Empires
20 MONOPOLY tattoos
1 Pack of MONOPOLY branded cups
1 Animal Planet flyer

And on Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 4:00 in the evening, it happened..

There was food!

Cake!! Yeah.. I couldn't get the frosting Red enough. Boo. And then it melted! :*(
And there's "Puppy Kibble" (Reese's Puffs and Lucky Charms without the marshmallows!) and Goldfish crackers for the cats! XD

And more food!

1. Wings! both Hot & Spicy and Honey BBQ, home-made Salsa
2. Tortilla chips and home-made bean & cheese dip, and Fruit!
3. Tuna sandwichs, baby carrots, and Ants on Logs!!

Hey, look! There's Charlie!!

My Keola and Kana'i, relaxin' and waitin' for the Party to start.

My nephew Bobby, waiting patiently with his MONOPOLY cup ready.

Let the games begin!

Playin' some Connect 4.

Wynnie and Duder taking their turns at Candy Land.
Notice Wynnie crossing her fingers as she tries to spin! XD

Duder, havin' some 'Puppy Kibble' ^.^

Uncle Jesse stopped by for a little bit. :D

The Baby Boys, bein' cute and havin' snacks.
Notice their little arms intertwined! ^.^

"Are we gonna play or what?!"

Grandma Janet's ready.

Aunt Desi's got all the moolah! (She's the Banker!) :P

Lotte got a Community Chest!

My Little Man and me. ;D

Tryin' to put a tattoo on the girl but she wouldn't stand still! XD

Lotte checkin' out her MONOPOLY: Unleashed, Dog Token tattoo.

Bobby got one, too!

o.0 - What is with that face, Lotte?!

Oh! I see! XP Silly Nephew applying a tattoo to his forehead!

And another MONOPOLY: Unleashed, Cat Token tattoo on his nose! XD

Intermission for some Goldfish. ^.^

Tryin' out the new MONOPOLY-branded pet bowl! XD

Hey! There's Corky!!

Face paintin' time!

Look at all the cute puppies! And me! ;P

Looks like one puppy got into the make-up himself! XD

And another!! ^.^

Grandma Janet with Charlie and Sammy!

Group photo!
More joined but weren't available for the picture at that time. XD

Big thanks to Hasbro for makin' the MONOPOLY game; it's definitely a family favorite.
Perhaps also for introducing the Cat Token although I, myself, am a dog person. [Sammy is the one exception] ;D
And a HUGE thanks to House Party for giving me the chance to host this awesome party; it was lots of fun, we all had a blast (if you couldn't tell from all the pictures)!!
Keeping my fingers crossed for a chance to host another! [wink, wink]

- Suzie



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