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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Oh, hey.. It's Wednesday.

So I've gotten rather lost over the last several days..
Saturday, my mother decided she was going to keep my kids from me and not allow us to have our weekly visit so that day was terrible.
I was able to be a little productive on Sunday but it was still rough.
I woke up on Monday to the TwitchKittens having imploded so that was.. awful.
Tuesday was spent trying to make sense of everything happening.

I'd elaborate but a lot of it, I can't really talk about, yet anyway.

Today though..

Not streaming tonight in light of #TwitchBlackout
and because I'm still not in the right mind space to be broadcasting.

and because I'm a little pre-occupied with stuffs behind the blog thing that I can't share just yet either.
Though I can say that I've applied for a few Affiliations.
*fingers crossed*

Also, I've started watching Rick & Morty again.