The iMPish [Thing] - a mind at play..

tuesday, june 16, 2020

Hey there, Tuesday. Fancy seeing you here. ;P

Seriously though, I'm actually pretty proud of myself for keeping up the "blogging" and excited to continue.. !?!
It's definitely helping me hold myself accountable for the things I do. :grin:

Even though it's been emboldening me to be so busy, it is terrorizing my sleep "schedule."
That's not to say that I don't do most of these things most days anyway, I just usually didn't get around to blogging about it.
Not to mention all the things that I don't include..

Anyway, I didn't get to sleep until.. after 7?
I did set my alarms but I only dismissed them and slept an hour more before my body knew to get me up.

I don't normally cook very often, something I'm certainly wanting to change, but I scrambled eggs for breakfast..
with some green El Yucateco sauce.. Nice.

Watched Day 9 of the LadyBoss Challenge
and considered waiting until later to sweat..

but decided to get it done though it did take some warming up..
with pain in the inside of my right knee, especially when doing left side lunges
and the ball of my right foot, hurting there where my big toe connects
I did it though. #IDontSweatISparkle

Then I kind of fell into the rabbit hole that is Instagram, related to the hole from before but uh..
That's for another time.. *smirk*

I'd still had my Move playlist playin' but sat down at Gordon and turned it off to figure out what to do next
only to turn it back on, have a glass of LadyBoss GREENS then wash dishes and dance in the kitchen for a bit.

I another square to my impish1L pillow while watching
both Day 2 interview videos in the From Toxic to Healthy: Healthy Relationships Masterclass Series

I made a grilled cheese sandwich. I friggin' love grilled cheese. I'd eat them all day if I could.
Then I watched I Am Mother with Chris.
Well, not with 'cause Gordon's a punk but simultaneously, almost. XD

I remembered I have oranges and ate ½ of one.