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monday, june 15, 2020

Good Morning, Monday!

Is it weird that I actually like Mondays?
It's a fresh start to a productive week.. hopefully. *smirk*

Mind if I skip the pill?
That is, talking about it rather than taking it because of course I take my medication for my thyroid, Levothyroxine, every morning almost as soon as I wake up since I then have to wait at least a half hour before eating breakfast. I'd rather not risk going without it.
So this will be a given in following days, okay?

I had a Chocolate Raspberry Access bar for breakfast.
and knocked my first sweat set out as soon as I could, with some lower back pain, and auto-pilot, but plenty of sweat. =P
Considered starting another routine again but still not ready yet.
I need more Pain-A-Trate.

Watched Day 8 of the LadyBoss LIVE Challenge and listened to the Presence Meditation for the day.
Then I had a glass of GREENS, finished downloading a few things and worked on getting a place set up..
I also paid for shipping to receive Kaelin's book, and applied to be a LadyBoss Partner/Affiliate, *fingers crossed*

Tuned into an Avon Facebook Live about What's Happening in June.

I participated in a TwitchKittens Raid, sharin' that #TKLove for a bit and had ½ an orange.

I then finally managed to call SmileDirectClub about getting a new impression kit because the trays they sent me don't fit..

While watching the first two videos of Day 1 of the From Toxic to Healthy: Healthy Relationships Masterclass Series, I added a square to the impish1L Pillow.

Listened to The Limiting Beliefs Masterclass, Part 2
and added another square to the Pillow.

I watched 8:46 - Dave Chappelle on YouTube. You should, too. #BlackLivesMatter