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sunday, june 14, 2020

June 14, 2020

6 + 14 = 20

Don't mind me, just making a problem out of the day.
Or more like, an expression.. *smirk*

You know me, always playing with words.. and sarcasm so, of course, (even though I don't show it every time),
there most likely is another smirk after each statement following.,
Sarcasm is my best friend.
Just joking, his name is Chris and he's fucking amazing. ♥
(Sarcasm is still pretty great company!) ;P

Anyway, I didn't get to bed until sometime after 5.. the sun was coming up.
No idea what time I actually fell asleep, having fallen into a rabbit hole, but after seeing the light coming through the blinds in the window, I actually had to get ready for bed and then I just laid there for awhile.

I'd set my alarms for 9:30, 9:34, and 9:38, with the alarm notifying me that it'd alert me in 4 hours and some-whatever minutes so.. math.

I'm not sure what happened but uhm.. I woke up with grandson's "Best Friends" in my head and a plethora of energy and motivations.. only to lay in bed for who knows how long before checking the time and seeing that my body's woken me up [at least] four minutes too early: 9:26.
Thanks, body. *why though?*

So I got up and started my day; took my pill, waited [a little more than] the half hour before eating a Sweet & Salty nut bar for breakfast, joining the LadyBoss 28-Day Live Challenge for Day 1, printing a few pages from the Playbook, almost a week late..

Decided to get my sweat for the day, out of the way.
I was only joking before about finding all the ways my body can suffer each day, by the way, but I feel as though I've jinxed myself..
as if it wasn't already a thing that happens all the time.. *wink*
When I went to grab the weighted vest, I stubbed my toes on the Mini Challenger Bars. My middle toe on the my right foot, and the smaller toe on the right.. the equivalent to the ring finger? Next to the pinky. Anyway, yeah, it hurt. That was fun.
I had started thinking maybe I'd try the second set today but yeah, no, that's not going to happen yet. Not today.
Oh, and there's pain in my left thigh. *eye roll*

Needing to catch up, I listened to the experts' Daily Doses for Days 2, 3, and 4 of the LadyBoss Challenge
and taking a break to wash dishes, dance in the kitchen, and consume a glass of the GREENS between.

And then my internet dies.
and since I can't play Spotify on Twitch anymore, I'm trying to listen more often off stream - more specifically, my Move playlist - so I did some playing with other things around the apartment instead, with a soundtrack..

I ate a Sweet and Spicy tuna sandwich, without pickles or chili peppers. I need to get more apparently. And greens.

The first in a series of emails to my mother, regarding her adopting my children, has been written and after some deliberation, sent.

While listening to The Limiting Beliefs Masterclass, Part 1 of 5, I added a square to the impish1L emote pillow,
then had ½ of an orange as, I thought, a pre-stream treat but by the end of it, I'd decided not to go live tonight.

So I finished Week 1, Days 5, 6, and 7, of the LadyBoss Challenge and had a glass of LEAN afterward.

Now to watch a couple Replays of the BadA$$ Women in Business Summit before passing out for the night.