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wednesday, august 12, 2015

Full Disclosure: This post does contain affiliate links.

I need Erin Condren in My Life, this is true. ;)

who? what? why?!

In the case that you are not aware, let me explain:
Yes, Erin Condren is a person but also, a "headliner" in the planning community.

"planning community?!"

I know, right!?! Somehow, I had no idea that it was a thing but apparently, there are many a
Facebook group, YouTube video, Pinterest board, and Etsy shop dedicated to users of these
premium planning products! And I have to say, I'm not at all surprised and I want in! ^-^

I'm not necessarily new to planners, in fact, I've actually been using them for years..
office supplies have always had a special place in my heart, but that's a different story.. ;D

see my little 'collection' here

but the whole idea that the planner that I've always wanted No! needed!! but never knew actually exists!?! blows my mind!! How did I not know about this?!

I'll show you what I mean.. ;)

Please note: the following images were taken from Erin Condren's website
and/or YouTube to help me in explaining/showing off their products. ;D
and sorry, this may get a little picture heavy..

The LifePlannerô in all its organized glory:

You probably can't see it yet but therein lies magic.. !
Are you ready?!

"and so the ADVENTURE begins"

Isn't that just the best phrase to start off such an amazing planning tool?!
It's also available in Rose Gold!! -- Well, it's currently sold out, it's so popular! =*(
The covers are nice and thick and laminated, and they're interchangeable!;
You can switch them out, both front and back, whenever your little heart desires!!
While EC does offer a nice variety of covers to choose from, all for you to personalize,
you can design a little collection yourself! I have to admit, that alone has me sold..

Next I have to show you the coil since it's crucial in holding and keeping this thing together..

Note: screen shot taken from
EC's Let's Talk... Inside the 2015/16 LifePlannerô video on her YouTube

Look at it! It's huge!! Even compared to their previous coil, that thing is big!
I'm not sure on the exact size (2 inches, I think), but they are a durable aluminum,
custom-made for Erin Condren LifePlanners. An absolute must for this sort of "planning" .. ;)

"what 'sort' of planning?!"

Ah, but any sort your beautiful mind can think up!! And believe me, the possibilities are endless!!
I don't even have one and I'm super excited for the potentiality of it all!
So let's explore the inside and see what we'd have to work with.. !

Erin Condren 2015/16 LifePlannerô

Right inside the cover we begin with a "colorful vellum overlay" to give the title page a nice touch
as well as a little more protection from every day wear and tear, as you will be using this every day.. ;)

Followed by..

Erin Condren 2015/16 LifePlannerô

Who doesn't love to be inspired?! I mean, come on,

"Sometimes we're all too quick to count down the days
that we forget to.. Make the Days count

I know this mommy does every now and again..

No worries, I won't post pictures of each quote, or page for that matter,
unless, of course, I deem it absolutely necessary. ;) :P

'Cause then we have a few pages of mini-months and goals, "at-a-glance,"
for "long term planning," and I'm pretty sure you get the picture. =P

Then we get into the monthly business with..

Erin Condren 2015/16 LifePlannerô

"Laminated tabs & Monthly note pages" both of which I love, so convenient and nice,
and again, inspirational, as well as motivational! And this is where it gets personal..

More personal by preference, that is, for now we have a choice:

vertical or horizontal

But before I get into the obvious differences in these options' major features,
I'll have you notice the contrasts in the last three stills of the two planners:

With the vertical on the left, horizontal on the right, you can see definite variation
where the vertical, I'd say, is bold with more colors and patterns and the horizontal
would be considered somewhat subdued with its fewer colors and patterns throughout.

See the distinction between palettes here:

With all due respect, I don't really care too much about the choice of colors, just as long as there's a nice
variety throughout; I love [almost] all colors! ;)

And now, the main event, where [the majority of] the "magic" happens;
the heart of the Erin Condren LifePlannerô with the only decision that matters..

up and down

or left to right

*cough* #teamvertical *cough*

Apparently I've only ever had horizontal laid-out planners because I was unaware
that there was an alternative.. o.0 - I know, right?!
And here, Erin Condren is debuting her *new* horizontal design.. !?!
As if that wasn't bad enough, it's evidently bigger, too!

Not to mention, all those bells and whistles!?!
+ So many cute note pages! Yes, I know, note pages are standard in planners
but not cute ones like these, including grid paper! =P
+ Stickers!?! How I never thought to use them in planning, I'll never know but I'm super excited to start!
+ There's also the "perpetual calendar" for that fast and easy access to dates and addresses.. ;)
+ Built-in storage! Bah Ha Ha! Just imagine all the little things to keep in the seemingly-sturdy,
2-sided, laminated folder pocket and the zippered pouch!
+ The coil is amazing in itself with all the many things to attach to it!; I love the transparent ruler
and the little coil clips to add memorabilia and embellishments.. I can't contain myself!
.. and that's without all the other accessories!!

See my current, sticker-less, mono-toned, personal-sized, horizontal lame-excuse of a planner here
Sad, I know. Sad face all over the place. :*(

So you can see my dilemma, yes?

Hi. I'm Suzie, an "at-home" mommy of six. Yes, six. All with the same daddy, with whom
I'll be marrying later this year so, as you might imagine, I have things to do and..

I need Erin Condren in My Life

.. thus I may have a bigger, better, prettier way to plan and prosecute into fruition. ;D
What's more, I was born with Hypothyroidism; I don't want to bother you with details but I must say
that a few of the symptoms are; memory loss, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, and a few others but my point is: I never remember to do things unless I've got them written down somewhere
and even then, they still manage to escape me. :/
As I said before, I'm not new to planners, I've been utilizing them for years but..

This Erin Condren LifePlanner is so much more than that..
+ First of all, vertical!?! YES! Oh, my gosh, yes!
I'm a "To Do List" type of planner so the up and down thing is freaking awesome!
+ Second [tied for First], it's bigger! Yes, size matters. In this instance anyway, with as many things as I have to oversee, in an average day, for a family of 8, the more writing area I need to accommodate and this planner has that and more! I don't know about you but the weekends can be just as busy as weekdays for us so Saturday and Sunday having equal parts, including the little extra bit(s) at the bottom, Yay!
+ Moreover, notes!! Oh, the planning and note-making to be done, all in one pretty place! ^-^
+ Especially with the coil clip! Aside from being able to add in all kinds of memorabilia like pictures and such, I can keep important notes securely within the planner, as I need them!
+ Additionally, I will still use separate notebooks for the many different specific topics with which I tend to play (hint, hint: iMPish [Thing]s) but hey, Erin Condren offers those, too!
+ Similarly, independent, "old fashioned" address books. With as many things as I do mind, there are different contacts to go along so having them separate would be very helpful. ;)

To be honest, the price-tag is a little extravagant for me, with the six kids and impending wedding and all, but definitely something I am willing to pay, in which to invest 'cause with the daily Life with six kids, four birthdays in the next three months, three major holidays following shortly thereafter, our wedding, and a plethora of iMPish projects, you bet your ass I'll be making this thing work for me! ;D

I would also really like to get my hands on the re-released cool for school Teacher Lesson Planner if I'm to properly keep track of my kids' educations with some homeschool supplementing, and then all the after-school activities! ;)

And then there's the wedding planner. I'm pretty sure you can figure out why I'd need that. =P ;)

Do you have an Erin Condren? Want to share about it?
Or know of any other planners I should consider?
Or maybe just have somethin' to say/ask?
Send it to me! I love reading! ;)

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