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sunday, may 31, 2015

excited to homeschool!?!

I am, it's true!! =P

When I was young, I always loved pretend play and much like impersonating a mom or "house"-wife,
a teacher in a game of "school" was always fun.
What?! I like school! =P I love learning and knowing things!
I can't speak for those that would play along, if there were any, I don't really remember.. :/
But I now have six little friends that can, and will, play with me!
It's a little bit nerdy, I know; I love it! =P

I've actually been wanting to add a education-related section somewhere here at the iMPish [Thing]
but I just haven't known how exactly. Or like everything else; what, when, where, why, etc.

And now I can! Especially with my aim for "academic adventures" ^.^

I was homeschooled myself a couple times but that was nothing like I'll be doing now.
No way. For one, my teacher was not my mom, or any relative for that matter. Two, that was a long time ago so I don't really recall anything from it except what I just said; nothing like I'll be doing now..

You can say I'm a little more than excited to take charge of my kids' cultivation..


Know of any homeschool [or any education-related] resources I should know about?
Or maybe just have somethin' to say/ask?
Send it to me! I love reading! ;)

The iMPish [Thing] - a mind at play