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Saturday, April 25, 2015

what the crap, internet!?!

All right, I know, you have a never-ending supply of facts, biased opinions, and.. some other third thing but I like having a limited, mostly-time-sensitive selection of information each month!

I mean, fine, yeah, I get that it's a lot easier and more convenient to use you instead of having to pay moneys to subscribe and then wait for a single day each month or search for single copies in the few stores we have but wholly Hell! Do you really have to take them completely away from me?!

In case I've lost you, I'm hinting at magazines. Printed magazines.

Yes, I realize most of the information found in printed magazines can be found online via the magazine's website and/or newsletters, I'm subscribed to a lot more of those (since they're free) but I like having a physical copy that I can touch upon and perhaps scrap into more relatively specific binders that would be much more easily accessible and invariable.

Okay, I'll get over the loss of the printed Fit Pregnancy since I am, in fact, done with having babies but they do offer a variety of post-baby goods with which, I guess, I'll be satisfied receiving through email newsletters.

But damn, you took away my Ladies' Home Journal and are trying to replace it with this "divine caroline" and not even a printed version.. ?! I won't like it at first but challenge accepted; I'll try this partial stand-in for the time being.

Still, don't do it again or I'll..
Aw, Hell, you know I love you, internet.
Just, please, leave me be with my hoarding of prints.


Know of any other magazines that aren't being printed anymore?
Or maybe just have somethin' to say/ask?
Send it to me! I love reading! ;)

The iMPish [Thing] - a mind at play